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Goodbye from SSCC……

When we started SSCC it was to help get people out of isolation and into their communities. We then added additional pages to help inform people of what was happening in their communities and ways to get involved and volunteer.

Over the years we have continued to grow and now have over 50+ sources of events and information coming to us to share with our thousands of viewers.

Unfortunately, we lost some key volunteers this last year and as a result we have decided it is time to say goodbye. We hope we have been of service to our community and we hope you continue to enjoy all of what BC has to offer.

Thank you!!! 

 P.S. We will be leaving the website up for awhile in case you want to save some of the links or maps.  :-)

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Save the Date – Surrey RCMP Open House:

Always a popular, family-friendly event! Celebrate the start of Police Week at the Surrey RCMP Open House. The event will include kids’ police “briefings”, plenty of police vehicles on display, food, demos, photos with officers in Red Serge and much more!

Saturday –
May 12th

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