Event Equipment:

Are you putting on an event and need some event equipment? Check out this
link to see if you are eligible to borrow the equipment for community events from the City of Surrey. It is all for free!

 Library For You:

Can't get to the library? We come to you! FVRL's Library For You service provides materials to people who are unable to visit the library due to illness, age, or disability. See below to find out what service is right for you.

Services for Private Residences:

Delivery Services:

  • Variety of library materials delivered free to you.
  • One-time loans and free demonstrations of audiobook players are available.

Services for Facilities:

Printed Book Collection:

  • Variety of titles delivered free to the facility for residents to enjoy.
  • Collection is exchanged every three months.
  • Choose the size that best suits your facility.
  • Easy to manage, fine-free collection.

Audiobooks by Mail:

  • Audiobooks are available to residents with perceptual disabilities.
  • Delivered free to your facility by mail with accompanying postage paid return envelope.

Audiobook Players:

  • One-time loans and free demonstrations of audiobook players are available.

Staff Recreation Collection:

  • Designed to support recreation staff with their programs.
  • Delivered every three months.

To learn more, or to apply for Library For You services, contact the Outreach Services Department at 1-888-668-4141 (extension 7034), or email us at libraryforyou@fvrl.bc.ca.


NNELS is a collection of accessible, downloadable titles for Canadians with perceptual disabilities. See library staff to register.

Don't Require Delivery Service?

Knowledgeable library staff can arrange audiobook player loans, as well as help you find a variety of library material to suit your needs, including audiobooks, large print, CDs, DVDs, Playaways, and more. Contact or visit your favourite FVRL location for assistance.


Goodbye from SSCC……

When we started SSCC it was to help get people out of isolation and into their communities. We then added additional pages to help inform people of what was happening in their communities and ways to get involved and volunteer.

Over the years we have continued to grow and now have over 50+ sources of events and information coming to us to share with our thousands of viewers.

Unfortunately, we lost some key volunteers this last year and as a result we have decided it is time to say goodbye. We hope we have been of service to our community and we hope you continue to enjoy all of what BC has to offer.

Thank you!!! 

 P.S. We will be leaving the website up for awhile in case you want to save some of the links or maps.  :-)


City of White Rock is warning residents of individuals inquiring about their water consumption, age, whether they live alone and informing them they have won free water testing.

White Rock, BC -- The City of White Rock has been alerted by a resident that received a phone call from an individual inquiring about their water consumption and needs. They asked the resident whether she lived alone, her age, and if she showered alone. She received a follow-up call informing her that she had won free water testing and that they will come to her home and take free water samples. 

Please be advised that this is 
likely a scam targeting seniors. Should you get such a call, or if you have received a call like this, please report it to the RCMP. The non-emergency phone number for the White Rock RCMP is 778-593-3600.

To better inform and protect yourself against fraud, home invasions and senior abuse please review the  crime prevention tips provided by White Rock RCMP on the City’s website.



​​​​ We Are Newton – Neighbourhood Anthology / Discovering A Different Side of Newton:

​​​​CBC News Vancouver at 6

CBC Radio “Early Edition”       



Senior Nutrition:

This short video was shared with us. Great idea!!! 
Visit during mealtime!!! You can check it out here.
Comfort Keepers

A Look Inside Comfort Keepers:

This short video was shared with us. 
Feeling Safe & Happy - Giving Choice Back!!! A daughter's perspective.… check it out here.
Comfort Keepers


A Look Inside Nurse Next Door:

Short video showing it is about 
Caring not just Healthcare.… check it out here.
Nurse Next Door


Observe It - Report It

The RCMP wants you to know that Reporting Matters!!! The police need as much information as possible to do their jobs more effectively!!!

Why Report?

"All reports of crime and suspicious incidents get entered into a database that is shared by police agencies across the province. While not all reports require police attendance, every incident reported to us is analyzed and assessed to identify crime trends and public safety issues.  When you file a report, you are helping us better understand and address what is happening in your community. This information allows us to make informed decisions on resource deployment and crime reduction initiatives."

How To Report:

  • 911 - Emergency
  • Non-Emergency - 604-599-0502
  • Online crime reporting - www.surrey.rcmp.ca
  • In person at any of the 6 Surrey District Offices
  • Anonymously through Crime Stoppers - 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)
  • Text 911 for pre-registered deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired persons.

Help be part of the solution!!!!

South Surrey Connecting Communities

Public Hearings/Meetings - Public Information Meetings - Open Houses

The City of White Rock engages with the public in different ways for different purposes. While they sound similar, Public Hearings/Meetings, Public Information Meetings and Open Houses have
distinct purposes and formats. With multiple upcoming meetings in the Fall, we've put together a quick refresher.

Public Hearings/Meetings: A public hearing / meeting is held by the City to consider bylaw and permit applications. Public hearings / meetings are mandated and conducted in accordance with the Local Government Act. At a public hearing / meeting, the public is given an opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions on matters about the proposed bylaw / permit application. More information about the format is available on our website.

Public Information Meetings: Applicants are required to hold Public Information Meetings for certain types of development applications, in accordance with the City's Planning Procedures Bylaw. The meetings provide opportunities for the public to give feedback on applications and ask questions of the applicants. The main purpose of the meetings is to gather feedback from residents so the applicant can address any concerns early in the process.

Open Houses: Open Houses are held by the City and are less formal sessions in which members of the community can learn more about ongoing or upcoming projects from City staff and provide feedback.